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Debit Cards

For Your Purchasing Protection

Your Skyline National Bank debit card offers you the latest technology to protect your purchases – chip cards.
The chip card is smarter, has greater acceptance around the world, and best of all offers new defenses against fraud and counterfeiting.

In addition to the traditional magnetic strip located on the back of many cards today, these cards also include a computer chip. And when used at a chip-enabled terminal, the chip and the reader interact with each other, validating the card and securing the transaction with a one-time code.

Your chip card is easy to use. Simply start the payment process by swiping your card. If the terminal is chip enabled, you'll be prompted to insert the card. Chip-enabled terminals include a slot for inserting your card. Insert your card, face up, chip end first. Leave your card inserted during the entire transaction, so the chip and the terminal can securely complete the transaction. Just follow the onscreen instructions and either sign your name or enter your PIN. Once your purchase is completed, remove your card and take your receipt.

For ATM transactions, insert your card into the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen. Depending on the type of ATM, you might be prompted to re-insert your card. These new chip cards do not change how you currently make payments or purchases online or by telephone.

Your Skyline National Bank chip debit cards: Made smarter to protect your purchases!

To learn more, visit our Skyline Services Tutorials page for a video demo of this service.

Overdraft Protection Service

Avoiding overdrafts is easy at Skyline National Bank. You can link your checking account to another one of your other deposit accounts to create an automatic transfer. If you overdraw your checking account, we automatically transfer funds from your linked deposit account to your checking account. There is a $10 fee for each transfer, and transfers are made in $50 increments. So, if you have overdrawn your checking account by $80, and you have Overdraft Protection Service set up with your savings account, you will automatically have a $100 transfer made into your checking account and be charged $10 for this service (since one transfer was made – in increments of $50 – to cover an $80 overdraft). This transfer prevents you from overdrawing your checking account and you will not incur a $35 NSF charge.

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