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uChoose Rewards®

Shop. Earn. Redeem.

At Skyline National Bank, we always do our best to make every day more rewarding for you. Which is why we are proud to offer the uChoose Rewards program that gives you points for using your Skyline MasterCard® debit card.

The key to your rewards is your Skyline MasterCard® debit card; the same one you already use for groceries, gas and other everyday purchases. But when you enroll and register your card for free in the uChoose Rewards program, those purchases can earn you points that you can use to get more. Redeem your points on all kinds of apparel, electronics, trips, events, experiences – the choice is yours!

When you think about everything you use your Skyline MasterCard® debit card for, the points can really add up. To get started, simply register your Skyline debit card by clicking the link below. It’s easy, free and you can start earning points right away.

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